Tuesday, 26 October 2010

It's been a while.

I can't actual remember the last time i wrote a blog entry, a lot's happened since then. I'm working full time at blue banana as head piercer. I'm moving in with m friend ken next week, and he also got the musical side of my life running a bit more, what with the web site he made and stuff. =-)
So there's a lot of happy, and a lot of stressed.
I've been very consumed with my idea of perfection and happiness, and me being me, i've managed to make multiple mess's. Due to my need; of wanting everything to be perfect, asuming everyone would know what i want, without me comunicating it. Getting stressed when they dont, and making silly decisions without thinking things through.
Sometimes i really need to just sit back, and be patient. But at the same time, i've been realising that life takes a lot more organising to make things work. Making time to have fun, and see people is really important. And i've lost sight of that a lot recently, and because of that i've hurt people close to me. Oops. =-(
A very lovely friend of mine said that every little mistake we make now is worth it, because it all adds up to growing. It's true, and hes very clever for saying it, ecspecialy with the amount of naughty things that he takes ;)
But i'm on the right track, im working my ass off. And i dont mean just at work.
im hoping this time next year a lot of things would have gotton even better.

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