Sunday, 18 January 2009


I have never liked Sundays, unless I'm having a week that requires me to have a four day weekend or something like that.
When i was living with my mum we used to go to church on Sundays, it wasn't a choice. My grandad would come pick me and my little brother and sister up at ten, and we would wear dresses(apart from Isaac) and sit quietly for an hour. Hands on laps, looking like good children.
When i was still unaware of how much trouble i got in for it, i used to change the words to the hymes.
So instead of singing, ''oh lord of all that's wonderful.'' Id sing; ''oh lord of all the sausages.''
Personally as an eight year old i found this hilarious, but my Sunday school teacher didn't... And neither did my grandparents.
On one occasion my punishment was to read a verse from he bible, in front of the whole congregation. But when the day actually came i couldn't get the nerve to do it, and i was mortified when the lady who took my place announced. ''young Tallis Ainge was meant to be reading today,but at the last minute her legs turned to jelly. Lets hope the lord find her and gives her courage.''
Sunday school was just as bad, we would sit in a circle and read from the children's version of the bible, which is basically all the stories of Jesus doing good, and leaving out all the gory bits i found when i read through the thing myself.
We did get sweets though, when we got a question right. My little sister thought this was brilliant and often rubs in my face how good she was at it. I would usually point out that she would eventually get fat with all the sweets... And as i write that, i suddenly realise how many fat people there were in my church...
Christmas was fun though, i did enjoy Christmas a church. The tree was always enormous, and my winter dresses were a little nicer than the summer ones...less bows...
Sunday lunch is something I've always loved, my grandma was a miracle worker. As most grandmas are with food, but at Christmas she would truly out do herself.
The amount of food that would be left over,would keep my grandad happy until the end of December.
Him; my step dad and step grandad would always get quite fat around Christmas, and then say that it was a celebration and they were allowed. They would argue that they didn't do it very much and a little exercise would always burn off any holiday fat...personally i thought this was bull shit, as they never did burn it off. And my grandma makes just as much food for any slight you can imagine the men of that side of my family are not on the slim side.
Sundays these days always seem to be gloomy, or really insanely sunny. But you only get the really sunny days mid summer...those are the days when you ring as many people as possibly up and shout ''PICNIC!'' at as loudly and as fats as possible.
...though saying that the amount of times I've tried the picnic thing, I've only ever succeed once or twice...and that was with my family...

Saturday, 17 January 2009

baby names

The other night, Dan and i were talking about names. Or rather i forced up the subject as he didn't seem to keen to talk about it.
I think that's names are really important to who we are, they have different meanings. and even though they can be chosen, unlike star signs. I believe that you do suite the name you are given, and the meaning of the name comes through in the personality.
This will be the slightly spiritual side coming out in me i suppose, i like my name. Its weird, but not so weird that i ever got taken the piss out of for it.
And when i have children, i want them to have original names as well. I do so when not if,because lately i have decided that i do want a couple....not for at least ten years,maybe by then the process will be less painful and ill actually have an income. (I'm a selfless person)
But i do want one of each, i i've always had a few names in mind.
Unfortunately when i run them past people, they don't seem to take the same kind of shine to them as i did.
For a girl i like the names;
-Bridie, but i cant have this because its my sisters name.
-Rhiannon,which means great queen.
-Hero, from a midsummer nights dream.
-Alex, for some reason i really like unisex names. So, Jammie or Robbie would work here too.
For boys i like;
-Oliver, only name Dan and i agreed on.
-Robyn, but Dan did point out it would get shortened to rob...which i don't really want.
-Loki, this is my favorite. ''Loki was the mischievous troublemaker in the underworld.''
...apparently guys don't sit and think about names voluntarily, both ken and Dan confirmed that.
When i asked Dan what name he liked, he said Thor....