Friday, 17 July 2009

new things happy things and two songs

so i got a job =-)
im a charity fundraiser, i start on so fucking excited, my whole team ear amazing and lovely. i made some lush freinds today.
so thats all happy, and i have a new boyfriend, his name is dani oddly enouth. but with an 'i', and im so fricking happy.
i guess its worth being really unhappy, because when you actually realise 'oh wait,shit im happy.' its so much better. im fully appreciating all the good luck and love comming my way.
hes so pretty as well, living in exmouth is a bit of a bitch. also my dads being a bit odd about sleep overs...but ill move out soon so i'tl be fine =-).

so yeah happy happy.

im going to share two songs i wrote, one about a month yesterday, notice the difference.
ok so a month ago, this is called casualty.

change the music,
i cant stand this anymore,
and ive gone and lost it,
like so many times before,
and you dont get it,
how yo make it worse and so much more,
easier to fall.

tell me,
is this all that you see,
cos believe me im not happy,
i cant see how you could be.

dizzy,half the time and crazy,
feeling like ive lost my mind,
but im not the kind,
to let it all wash over me,
and when i fall,
i dont let it show,
and that doesnt help me at all.

tell me,
arnt things meant to get easy,
im waiting for you to see,
your not the only casualty.

baby,its not like its healthy,
and i know its not,
all your fault,
but you have to go half way with me,
our lives,
and all the lies,
are gona get the bets of me.

and this one hasnt got a name yet.

dont put up a fight,
love at first sight is alright,
if the other person falls first,
oh and wouldnt you know,
things that you dont think you show,
can make or break a moment like this.

take it easy,
its not like we havnt got forever,
take what you need,
im feeling good enouth to give it up this time.

only i would know,
all the pain that i dont show,
is barley more than underneath my skin,
oh to let it go,
to be that happy,
and let it show,
heres my key ill gladly let you in.


logic rips right through my mind,
second guessing,
waisting time,
when all i really want is here and now,
lady luck has smiled at me,
and i can see its not for free,
so ill keep smiling,
keep it up this time,

feeling like ive lost my mind,
never been a better time.

-is happy-

1 comment:

Elaine said...

You should write more songs.

I'm glad you're happy but I'm sad you're gone.

I'm sad and glad x