Monday, 15 June 2009

still twitchy

im still very panicky.

i had the most awe full dream last night, i dreamt i was sent to a concentration camp. with my little sister bridie, i think dan was there for a little bit, but he disappeared. and it was really odd at first, they let us have our stuff,and we were in india....and we had beds...then things started to get worse, i had my phone at one point,texting dan. saying i loved him and i wanted to know where he was.
then someone screamed, ive never heard anyone scream like that in real life.i was so fucking scared, and they told me my bag had fallen, it had all my stuff in. and all i could think was. dan doesn't know where i am.

then i woke up and tried to think happy things, but i was to sleepy. fell back asleep and it carried on. we were trying to wash our hair, and afra was there, i tried to bring shampoo, and afra said dont bother the water already had soap in it. and i watched as she pulled chunks of her hair out.
then i was sat in a room with bridie and a little boy, and it really disturbed me that it looked like the room i had in my nans house.and outside we could see theese gates,really far away, but really terrifying. they were about 100 feet tall, with all sotrs of wire and mesh coming off them.

planes were flying over, and the little boy said ''duck theres a man.'' and a man went by on a horse,he looked Indian. and started shooting at us through the window.a was shaking, i didnt know it was a dream. and then someone screamed, and all these bombs started to go off. i could see the grenades being thrown. and i heard bridie scream, i couldn't find her. there was to much going on. i was going into hysterics, and the one lady who had been our guard said.''get to medicine pills not one.'' and in my head in the dream i said ''i later found out that this was poison intent on killing me,the guards didn't want to have to try and save anyone.''
as if it was a film, and as if id gotten out.

then i woke up properly, and im still shaking.

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