Tuesday, 9 June 2009

sad face

last night i had yet another awe full dream, i was in my room with crystal. and she was just sat there and wouldn't talk to me, i kept poking her and every time i did a feather fell off of her.
i tried to tell her she needed to talk to me, loosing feathers want healthy.
and after a while her skin started going mouldy, it was really fucking scary. then my sister meghan was there, trying to get me to come out of the room. she was hungry and wanted pizza.
i kept shouting at her to get a doctor because crystal was loosing all her feathers, and meg kept saying it was her fault, if she didn't want pizza she shouldn't have come to this house.

then everything was black, i keep getting this dream. where shadows follow me, i cant see anything, i try to open my eyes and it doesn't work. shes screaming, and im terrified that shes melted completely. but i cant move, and all the shadows are moving around me really fast.

then i open my eyes and im standing with lots of People i know, and they're all dressed in black, walking away from me.

then i actually woke up, and started crying.
fuck sake.

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Elaine said...

Wow. That's some dream. I'd call it more of a nightmare.

I think Crystal isn't the person you thought she was, and that's why she changes into something horrible in your dream. Feathers are beautiful, and she is losing them. Your eyes are closed because you can't see what you have to do. Once you make a decision about how you're going to move on from this, the dream will stop. I think it's your turn to walk away, sweetie. x