Tuesday, 2 June 2009


last night, dan and i got home about midnight. he asked me to go make the room cooler, because it has been wonderfully hot these last few days. ( i hope it keeps up for my birthday.)
get upstairs,open window one. and i look down to see the massive thing buzzing at me, obviously i screamed and ran out of the room. i didn't check to see what it was, I'm shit, anything that big that buzzes and i feel sick because I'm so scared...sting or not.
dan come up tells me its a horse fly, I'm hiding in the bath room. ''oh wait, its not a horse fly its a hornet.'' ....i swear to god i could have easily stayed in the bath room all night, and dan is allergic to the fucking things.
he does the brave thing of trying to kill it...because by this point it had moved from the window sill. we managed to break the light...i don't think its permanently broken...but it doesn't work at the moment...in the end,after much bravery from dan...and much more hiding from me, he kills it...i couldn't even hoover it up afterward, it was really big.
so we didn't get to sleep until about 3am.

point; dan is a lot braver than me.

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