Saturday, 6 June 2009


on Thursday i was 19, i had to get up really early to go to the job center. so i set my alarm for 7.30...but i was to excited to sleep, and when i finallydid i kept waking up.
dan got up with me,went downstairs to see his mum and do prezzies. there was a little note hanging from the fan saying 'pull me'' i did, and about three tones of glitter flew wasn't the effect dan had been hoping for. there is still glitter all over the house, because he used another three tones on everything else...its a good thing i love glitter,and it was pink.
i got some lovely prezzies,and loads of money. then dan and i went to the zoo, which was really fun. though i think the peacocks at the place have got some serious identity issues...
we went out in the evening, lots of lovely people. and my best Friend laura thought it was a good idea to add more glitter to the equation, she'd made me balloons with glitter inside them.
and some little cakes, which i put sparklers in as my birthday cake.


i managed to fall down the stairs,even though i want that drunk. i just had enormous shoes on.
dan however did get very drunk, and threw up a lot when we got then it was past midnight so it wasn't my birthday. not that i really minded.

im feeling being 19 more than i felt being 18.

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