Monday, 30 March 2009

on a more serious note

watch this before you read on.

this lovely gentleman has done a fair few of these videos, and at first i laughed.i laughed at the one about the condoms.he said that i you don't have sex you wont get aids...fair enouth. if you wait until your married then you don't need to use a condom...and you wont get aids...regardless of weather you married or not aids isn't going to care. if the person you are sleeping with has aids, then there is a chance you are going to catch it condom or not. a slightly higher chance that you wont if you wear one i grant you.
i don't judge people who think like this, people have the right to think whatever they like. but this guy is recording his views and posting them and expecting people to take his side. i even get the feeling he wants to convert people to this easy because they have now seen his videos.
some of the comments underneath are quite cutting,people telling him hes a moron and that hes wrong.i didn't tell him he was wrong even though i believe he is. I'm quite tempted to post a comment saying i don't appreciate having his thoughts preached at me like that. though i did sit and watch it voluntarily.

i have very Strong views on religion, i went to church when i was little but not by choice. but i don't thinks thet's why I'm so against it. i just don't believe and never have done, Ive never had any reason or proof. i think that there are parts of every religion people should maybe read into more. like in Buddhism, they have the theory of karma. Buddhists don't believe in a set good,and i think if i had to choose a religion it would be this one. the festivals and the food, the stories and the rituals of every religion are worth looking into. maybe not for spiritual enlightenment, but certainly for an insight.
i would personally love to go to India and shri lanka to see how different it is. my grandparents are very christian. and they have a house in shri lanka,and when the tsunami hit they did a lot to help the people who suffered. my grandmother told me that a lot of people over their regard women lot differently. she said if i ever went with her id likely get stared at a lot, what with all the holes in my face as well.i understand why, i wouldn't tell them to fuck off like a lot of people i know would. i know that the Friends my grandparents have over there are very kind and wouldn't mean anything love to go and compair my life to the life of an 18 year old girl over there.but at the same time i know how careful id have to be, because a lot of people can be very sensitive about things there not used to. i would never force my ideas or beliefs on someone. id only share if i was asked.
my point to all this is that i don't like it when other people think its OK to shove there beliefs in my face, there is a man in my city who has come up to me and my Friends on separate occasions. stopped us,or sat down uninvited and asked us if we believed in god.when i said no he asked me why. i said I've never had any proof, and he went on for a while about how god has a plan for everyone and that i should embrace Jesus with my heart.....i got up and said goodbye.
he came up to me the other day,obviously not realising hes asked me before. he just walked right up to me, put his hand out to stop me and said. ''child is Jesus in your heart?''... i just carried on walking not wanting to go into it again. I've had a Russian lady come up to me as well, when i was waiting for my boyfriend Dan. she came over and started talking to me, saying i had the light and that i should love god...she didn't take a hint and stayed a while talking at me. i just stood and nodded, knowing if i said anything shed stay longer. when she left i felt mentally drained.

i would like to make it a universal fact that i don't believe in god, and would like people who do to stop asking me why i don't.
thank you.

Thursday, 12 March 2009


i love reading, recently its been a real comfort to me. just being able to hide in a book for a while, dan and i differ somewhat about what makes a good book. but i think if he actually read twilight he'd enjoy it, the film does no justice to the book.
the soundtrack is brilliant though, I've listened to it so much that the songs remind me of a certain page.
the whole vampire theme is something i really love, i loved interview with a vampire. the film was a tad better made, but the book is always more satisfying. i never seem to get the images in my head straight though, i don't like to watch the film really because the characters will look different in my head afterward.
i once read a really cheesy horror book called the cheerleader, i read it cover to cover so many times i think my little sister hid it. it was one of those really easy to read books that you could just pick up and read in one sitting. i took it to school once and soon after i started getting called a goth...i find that funny because if the yd bothered to read the book, they would have realised it was trashy American filth. the main charactor was a blond cheerleader who becomes seduced by a vampire...nothing black or scary at all. but then i don't really expect my former high school classmates to have formed real opinions, about all of the millions of books they've read out of school time.
one book that really changed me was called the lovely bones, i read it when i was 15 and recently read it again.
its not an easy read, i personally find the story a bit hard to swallow for my own reasons.
but something about it, weather it being the first adult book id read. or maybe just the way it was written, made me see death really differently.
it also gave me more confidence at school, its a bit smug of me i suppose. i walked around with it so people could see i was carrying i mentioned, people in my high school didn't really read much. knowing that i understood it and they didn't changed how i felt about the people i sat with, I'm not sure if that's horrible or not. but i did realise i was hanging around with the wrong people...
another favorite is the Phillip paulman trilogy, his dark materials.
i read the first one when i was 14, my dad and i were stuck at a train station for a few hours. by the time we got back to exeter id finished it.but i didn't read the next one until a year or two later...subsequently i read that and the final book without remembering much of the first.
but the third book made me cry, its the only book to have ever have done that.
i actually stroped at my dad for a few days afterward, because id been upset by the books ending.
my boyfriend at the time got his ear chewed off by how i thought the marzipan chapter made sence to me, he didn't get it but my Friend crystal did.
at camp marzipan because i ritual after that.
i really love to write, i have about 6 stories started but never really get into them much more. mostly because i always think of another plot and want to get onto that before i forget it.
i have folders full of paragraphs of dialog. i have three separate arguments written out for one chapter in my favorite story.
i never seem to have the motivation to really get any deeper into them though, i don't think I'm a very good writer to be honest. that doesn't put me off from writing...i don't think Ive shown anyone any of my work.
I'm hoping il finish one though, i think people who can write really should share it.
i get different feelings from different books, and twilight has been my favorite so far without a doubt. four is a better number than three. =-)