Monday, 13 October 2008

one year

today is mine and dans one year anniversary, its the longest ive ever been with someone and im so so so so very happy that were still together.
were going to al fried tonight and i have a lovely dress,he already bought me some boots and some books i really wantyed because he is a sweetie,and hes paying for me to get my hair cut.

but all lovliness aside the main reason im so happy,is that me and dan have gone threw a lot. and im proud as well as happy to have him be my side.
and this stepping stone is proof to me that any couple can get threw anything as long as they love each other.
and i know that sounds bad,but im so full of love today i thought id share it.
so to carry on with the filth.
i urge anyone in love at the moment to just let anything go that might be bugging them about the other person,and just tell them.because not enougth people do these day.
so as a prezzie,if youve read this. you have to go and tell that person you love them,and then leave a comment letting me what happened...i bet it was good.because even if they dont say it back,or say what you wnated to hear,its always nice to know someone loves you.^^
it took me longer than i thought it would for me to learne from my mistakes and now that i have im cant beleive the person i used to be.
id do anything for dan,and id do anything to keep him.
and i hope that this time next year i cant write another one of these.