Saturday, 17 May 2008

smile its not that bad

im at simons,and the way he acts and thinks about life really makes me apreciate what i have.

i really try not to get so stressy about things,but its hard when im the person i am.

so from now on im taking a different aproach.

lets smile

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Has really pissed me off , lately ive been thinking a lot about everything.about going to uni,about working and about moving out.
it all sems like a world away,but really its not,and because im turning 18 in a few weeks its all seeming a lot scarier.
i dont consider myself to be a weak person,im not very strong with some things. Everyone have their bad points, i could to tydier, i could try not to get so stressy so much. i could accept help when someone is offering it to me instead of being stuborn.
but the thing i really could work on i suppose is being more motivated, its not like i dont try, but i find it hard when i need to do something new.

The one thing that really anoyed me today was a blog i read, and the reply i put will probably cause an argument. But when you come home from already being anoyed at the lack of production the day gave you the last thing you want is to find someone upset,and upset beacause of something very close to home.
i dont really want to go into loads of detail,but what happened stressed me out because i can see both sides to the story and dont want to upset either because one side is a lot better with words than i am and would win even if i knew i was right,this makes me fel really stupid.

two because i REALLY hate shouting,three because its a really stupid thing to be arguing about.

when i say im bad with workds i really do mean it,because there is so much n my head right now i cant get out. partly because i dont know how to work it and also because im scared the person who reads it will get angry,which is so stupid really.

i just wish everyone could apriciate what they have and realise that it could be a lot worse.
im very gratefull for what i have in my life at the moment,and i can undestand why someone might not be because i know what hes been threw. but at the same time just because you think you smarter doesnt mean you are and it doesnt mean that your always right